Bad weather good weather?

Storm Dennis
The 2019/20 winter has to have been one of the most consistently poor winters I can remember. A constant train of Altlantic depressions has thrown wind, rain and grey skies at us for months now. Subsequently the amount of photography I've acheived has been almost zero. No sheltered quarries, or beautiful woodlands with soft glowing light in this part of the world. Winters here are a force of nature and making images out of doors is a challenge. But with the latest Storm Dennis I had to get out and at least enjoy the ferocity of the conditions. Low light, flying spray, tripod shattering winds and beach shifting waves all made for an exciting day, and the amount of water in the air made getting a clean image a real challenge. But I feel I came away with a couple of shots I'm happy with and by the close of the session, not a cobweb to seen anywhere.
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