Wildlife bonanza

Fratercula artica
If there is one thing that the Small Isles can produce in abndance at this time of year, it's wildlife opportunities. No two years are the same, but every year will have some particular highlights. For me, this years highlight will undoubtedly be several sightings of our local Orca. With only 8 individuals left in the area, and these under threat of disappearing due to high levels of pollutants, it is a real privilege to come across them.
Our local puffins however are making a bit of a come back. The largest number are on the Islands of Canna and Sanday. On Sanday particularly many years of rat predation has forced them off the island and onto a remote sea stack. The rats were culled a few years ago and for the first time for many years puffins are once again returning to the main island. This gives the great opportunity to photograph one of our countries most popular animals.
These particular birds were in the entrance to their burrow on the very edge of the overhanging cliff. I was able to take advantage of the shaded location to remove the problem when photographing most seabirds in sunny conditions. of overpowering contrast. Other images I took at the time look great in colour , however this one made me think of the old Victorian staged family portraits. I hope you enjoy it.
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