Ice cold in Airor

Ladhar Bheinn
Ice - the colder the weather the better. I'm very lucky to live somewhere that doesn't mean that I have to drive regularly, so snow and ice are my absolute favourite subjects,
Unfortunately on the west coast we don't get very many really cold days, but as soon as we do I can be found up some shaded glen, knee deep in snow or teetering about on a frozen burn after images.
I know a lot of other photographers find inspiration in these conditions, but why we sit freezing with fingers aching and noses dripping, who knows.
For me I think that it's the ephemeral nature of ice. Stunning patterns and shapes formed in a matter of hours (or faster) to disappear in a few more.
We don't really have the spectacular frozen lakes and riversof Scandinavia or the Rockies, but the 'be quick or you miss it' conditions of the west coast makes it just as exciting.
Biggest tip for these conditions - keep your camera battery in your inside pocket when not in use.
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