Mas Garbh

Mas Garbh and Beinn Sgritheall
A good weather forecast for the weekend, so on with the boots and off I set for another of my favourite, rarely visited spots on Knoydart. Mas Garbh (meaning the rough hip) is a pinnacle of ice shattered rock on the west end of Ladhar Bheinn, the biggest hill on Knoydart. The weather did pretty much what was predicted, but unfortunately the gaps in the cloud just didn't coincide with the light, either at dusk or the following dawn. This shot of Beinn Sgritheall was probably the best I achieved, but I did have some fun with the ice on the frozen pools high up on the hill. One of my favourite subjects, ice. By morning they had grown the most amazing ice crystals, some of them 3 feet long. Please see my latest work for an example.
Sadly I did also manage to get my camera wet and it is next to the fire drying as I speak. Well let's see what this new Canon can do. My old 1ds mk 2 would have shrugged it off without a hitch, but this 5d mk3 just threw in the towel without even trying, so fingers crossed.