Patience is a virtue

Mary Anns Point
One of the warmest, muggiest Septembers I can remember. Lots of low cloud and haze - not the photographic conditions that you tend to dream of.
My options would usually be to make use of monochrome, macro or more intimate landscapes. But a hint of a clearance in the weather forecast encouraged me to try Mary Anns Point, one of my favourite, close to home locations. It has all three of my fallback options available, but also with a bit of a swell and light winds the possibility of some more dramatic shots.
Well it started well. About an hour before sunset the sky started to lighten and created some definition in the sheet of grey. Some pleasing monochrame shots then, with the black rocks, grey sky and white surf - nice. (See latest work for more images).
Then all of a sudden, just after sunset a small break in the clouds and wow, the whole scene just lit up with reds, oranges, yellows and (my favourite) the waves lit by shadow blues.
Only time for a few shots and then out went the light.
Just shows you that it's always worth having a go, you just need to be patient.