Laig Bay

Laig Bay Sand
First trip of the summer to Laig Bay on Eigg and what a gorgeous day it was. Mist and low cloud clearing off the Rum Cuillin, warm sun on your back and a nice low tide to expose my favourite subject - the sand patterns of Laig beach. There are many things to photograph on Eigg, not least the 'classic' shot of the concretions with setting sun, but on a bright sunny day there are far better shots to be found. Whatever cathces my attention I cannot leave the island without some shots of the sand. The mixture of dark volcanic and pale sandstone sands produces an almost infinite number of patterns. Over the years I've built up quite a collection of them and there's a new one on every visit. I'll visit some of the other locations on the island in these blogs, but for now I hope you enjoy this one. See Latest Work for more images.
Finally the timelapse section I mentioned last time is now up and running.