Aurora Borealis

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Stunningly clear skies and a chance of an aurora - what more could you ask for. It;s been a frustrating winter for the aurora in this part of the world. Often good displays have been obscured by heavy cloud cover, But not this time. By 23.00 you could see the green glow in the North, then as midnight approached the heavens lit up with a display as bright as we've seen on Knoydart for many years. And what was especially nice was the abundance of the purple colour caused by ionised nitrogen. The commoner green is low altitude oxygen and we even had some red from high altitude oxygen. The whole display lasted about 3 hours with the brightest part maybe only 20 minutes. For a timelapse of the whole event, please keep an eye on the site as I shall be introducing a page of timelapse videos shortly.
For details of how to take images of the aurora, please see the 23/12/14 blog report.