Rainbow River

Allt na Gleann Meadail
Some lovely frosty weather, light snow on the ridges and half a gale forecast so no good heading for the hill tops, but my favourite location of the Gleann Meadail burn would offer some great opportunities.
Camping out over night on Mam Meadail brought no spectacular dusk or dawn , but of my most loved subjects of ice and snow abstracts there were plenty.
I've nicknamed this burn as the rainbow river for the huge variety of colours you get in it. The rocks are banded red, blue, green and grey with reflections of blue from the sky and gold from the slopes of Meall Buidhe.
I have photographed the amazing water reflections here before (see my front page), but I wanted to see if I could get something similar with the ice. You can see if I succeeded in the latest work gallery. Hope you enjoy.