Summer visitors

Minke whale
The hot calm summer continues. It's a few years since we had a spring like this and the lack of wind has brought it's own challenges - in this part of the world that means midgies. Doesn't matter if you're 10 miles off shore, or 3000 feet up a mountain, if you're on land and there's no wind beware. Photographing through midge hoods is pretty unsatisfactory, and cameras and anti-midge products don't mix well, so the calm seas sent us out to a destination that is rarely visited.
30 miles out into the Sea of the Hebrides the reefs are covered with seabirds and grey seals and surrounded by rich feeding grounds that attract a variety of marine life. This time we were lucky to be visited by a very inquisitive minke whale which put on quite a show. The calm conditions also gave some lovely abstract opportunities. Please see my latest work for more images.