Pools of LIght

Allt Gleann Meadail
An overnight trip up Sgurr nam Feadan (hill of the chanter) to catch sunrise and sunset started well with rainbows and dappled light over the hills, but by the time I reached the top down came the cloud and out went the light.
The following dawn was spectacular to watch, but now with not a cloud in the sky, far from ideal for photography.
However the bright blue skies and golden tops to the hills inspired me to try one of my favourite locations - Allt Gleann Meadail.
As I got closer, the reflected colours in the river started to look good, so it was a case of slowly exploring the various falls and pools looking for just the right reflections, and one tiny rapid provided just what I was looking for. The curves of the water as it went over a small polished rock created amazing patterns. The blue of the sky around the orange of the hillsides around clear patches allowing you to see the patterned rock below. So after several miles of walking and several thousand feet of climbing the best image of the day was right back at the bottom. Ah well, next time.